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SUPBUDDY® is a beverage holder and dashboard for your SUP, boat, camper van, hot tub, shower, you name it! This simple and clean design suctions down to smooth hard surfaces and secures the koozie or other items using Velcro®. The Velcro® strap can be looped around tie-downs or any latching point to secure the base to nearly any surface, including inflatables and soft top boards. 

It includes:

  • One koozie with loop Velcro®
  • One base with hook Velcro® and three very strong US made suction cups
  • One mesh bag for extras and empties

Use to prevent spills when:

  • Cruising on your SUP or boat
  • Fishing from a boat or SUP
  • Relaxing on your hot tub
  • Enjoying a power-shower
  • Be creative...!

Ideal for:

  • Hard smooth surfaces (e.g. standard epoxy SUP boards, some boats, some hot tubs)
  • Non-smooth  surfaces that have tie-downs or any latching point (e.g. inflatable and soft top boards).

How it attaches:

  • Very strong US made suction cups will secure the base to any hard smooth surface
  • The Velcro® strap can latch on tie-downs or any latching point to secure the base to nearly any king of surface
  • The koozie will attach to base using Velcro® brand hook and loop
  • You can stick loop Velcro® to many other objects and attach to the base.


  • Loop the mesh bag around one suction cup or any latching point to store extras or empties
  • When using the suction cups to secure your base, sure they are are clean and wet when applying for a strong and durable suction
  • Use the included velcro strap to attach to inflatables or soft tops
  • It fits up to three koozies per base, and/or other gadgets with loop Velcro® 
  • Extra koozies with loop Velcro® can be purchased separately on this website
  • SUPBUDDY® floats, in case you drop in in the water (yeah, we don't like littering)*

*It might sink if heavy objects are attached to it.